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Welcome to ProfParents, where education meets individuality. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the way professional parents and youth in care access quality education. Our approach is personalized, cost-effective, and adaptable to your unique circumstances.
About Us


ProfParents is an organization dedicated to providing standardized, high-quality, cost-efficient educational opportunities for professional parents and youth in care. Our emphasis is on synchronizing ongoing education with the ever-changing needs unique to each individual and family. We believe this self-directed approach encourages a more relevant and fluid educational experience than the traditional one size fits all experience.
"Empowering families through personalized education and unwavering support."
Prof Parents

Who Benefits From ProParents Educational Opportunities?

Professional parents seeking personalized education and youth in care pursuing an enhanced learning experience are the primary beneficiaries of ProfParents’ educational opportunities.


Custodial Agencies & LCPAs

Increased educational opportunities for parents and youth.
Effortless Metrics Tracking.
Decreased overall staff involvement and associated agency cost.

Professional Parents

Self-directed Education Opportunities.
Convenience of Use.
No Travel Required.
22 Possible Caption Translations.

Youth In Care/ IL and CSPs

Relevant educational opportunities.
Cross-device compatibility.
Self-directed learning.
Continued success participants can resource ProfParents indefinitely.

Why Choose Us

At ProfParents, we stand out for a multitude of reasons, making us the ideal choice for your educational needs:

Our Mission

Offer relevant, cost-effective, time-efficient, pandemic compliant educational opportunities that assist agencies in both the retention of qualified professional parents and improving outcomes for youth in care by improving the experience of being in care

What Parent Says

These testimonials provide a range of perspectives, showcasing the positive impact of ProfParents on individuals, agencies, and parents.
Sarah M.
Sarah M.@username
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ProfParents transformed my parenting journey. The personalized education resources helped my child excel academically, and their support for professional parents is unmatched. I'm grateful for the positive impact it's had on our family.
John R.
John R.@username
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As a custodial agency, partnering with ProfParents has been a game-changer. Their commitment to improving outcomes for youth in care is evident. Our collaboration has truly made a difference.
 Emily S.
Emily S.@username
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ProfParents understands the unique challenges of professional parents. Their flexible educational programs allowed me to pursue my career and personal growth without sacrificing my child's education.
David P.
David P.@username
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The ProfParents YouTube channel has been an invaluable resource for me. Their videos offer practical advice and insights into parenting and education. I've learned so much from their content.
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